We gather, listen, collect, and exchange

We discover and save the stories of individuals, institutes, communities, and territories

We act in collective to better our quality of life, our environment, and our commons



To incubate a process of social technology based in listening and storytelling

To comprehend and systematize future social technology for action in the commons

To create social technology for the Americas in 3 languages

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I, interlocuter of the world

Revelation occurs in exchange with the Other

Stories of You

Pedagogy of the Eureka / Aha-Erlebnis

Discovering the eurekas of human potential

Δ + Δ + Δ

(In)forming Facilitatores: Translators of Eurekas


Eliminate the prepotencies

Provide opportunities for Alterity, Equality, and Justice in conversation
The less prepotency (the enboldened I), the greater alterity (equal rights)

The stronger the response in positive terms to basic human needs, more paths open

The story of citizenship is built upon the practice of citizenship