We work to inspire, empower, foment consent among individuals with their own life stories to bring change to their territories. Our core experiment is the Baía de Guanabara.

In listening to and telling stories, we envision changes to the commons.

When people share their life stories, they not only offer their most intimate gifts — but also their ways of learning in the world.

We see consensus reflected in the memories of people from the Urca neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro—when the Bay exists past and future—and from where we can bring about an era of clean water and appreciation.

Every territory is a community at risk.

Transformation occurs in making visible what’s invisible, by changing our perspectives on what and how we see, and discovering what we can do individually and collectively to make it better. Strategic storytelling allows us to map stakeholders and to use our own stories to find local, innovative solutions.

The effect of our work is personal and lasting, enhancing self-esteem and empowerment within the community. Our methodology is relationship-based and promotes long-term, sustainable change. Each voice is an exercise in power. Heard together we can change the landscape.

Our process is scaleable and repeatable.

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