Our co-learning model is based in the core premise that informal, community and familiar education is how we most learn. We train a diverse public as facilitators, oral historians, listeners and podcasters. Our learning opportunities are relationship-based and inspire innovative co-learning, generating opportunities for personal growth and positive impact on the territory.

Memory Workshops

Weekly story circles in the community where we work memory and empathy, relationship and conflict transformation. We make positive change together. People previously invisible to each other, unawares that they shared a physical space and similar goals listen to each other, to overcome prejudice and co-define our co-existence.

In the territory
Our pedagogic strategies make use of best practices from storytelling, radio, film, environmental studies, anthropology, literature, geography, philosophy, and conflict mediation.

Storytelling can be a powerful management tool in participatory diagnostics between community and corporation, between new residents and old, between public and private interests.STRATEGIC STORYTELLING. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. PARTICIPATORY ANALYSIS. COMMUNITY IMPACT SELF-ASSESSMENT.

Communities disappear through gentrification, forced removals, major infrastructure projects, pollution. We help keep alive the sense of belonging and history by preserving memory and storytelling. By telling and recording their stories communities become self-aware; neighborly conversation leads to reduced conflict, engaged citizenship, social action, and community sustainability.


Public and private organizations
Recording and preserving institutional histories for internal and external publics, clarifying goals, and reinforcing organizational culture. Qualifying staff to conduct and record interviews and to analyze and select heritage materials for a living archive.


Individuals and families
The construction of personal narratives gives new meaning to individuals and families. We guide our students to organize their materials, analyze their stories, and edit their texts for a discerning readership, viewership, or listenership. We produce books, film, and audio documentaries.


Beginning producers
Story-driven technical training in podcast production. Special guest lecturers.