Testimonial: João Portinari Leão

“Alexandra’s work as a Personal Historian is important and catalyzing. It teaches us to read and understand story structure and how to write in a way that is moving, creative, and contemplative. For me, first time out and hoping to publish a book, our work has been essential.

She reads and interprets my writing with much intelligence and creativity, making it seem she is as dedicated to my story as I am (100%) . Her commentary is pertinent and she often asks me to rewrite paragraphs and perspectives which I’d already considered finished.

With her questions and exercises, we squeeze my story like an orange, until the very last drop, to be certain that nothing is left out or lost to the universe.

I can’t wait for the moment that I have my book in my hands, I’ll take pride in knowing it is ours.”

João Portinari Leão. March 3, 2017

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