A memoir by a woman who outlived her husband, the famous musician, Paulo Moura.

In 2010, Halina became a widow. In working through her grief, she was moved to publish a book of interviews that she and her beloved life partner, the Brazilian saxofonist and clarinetist Paulo Moura, had been working on together.

Alex says, “Halina asked me to come to the studio in the hills of São Conrado and photograph everything there. She wanted a record of things as he had left them. She handed me the keys and her trust. I produced 3000 digital prints. Of everything: the contents of his desk drawers, the notes on his music scores, the underlinings and scribblings in the margins of his books, the numbers in his phonebooks, the plants in his studio, the piles of papers under the piano chair, the instruments he used to play . . . a collection of images that showed the patterns in his daily life that were reflected in Paulo Moura’s music.”

Photo essay by Alex Forman, designed by Andre Vallias. http://cl.ly/3E02033u0w1u