Our co-learning model and methodology adds an international perspective to informal, community, and familiar education. We train a diverse public as facilitators, oral historians, and podcasters.


Schools of territory
Content and study programs in the appropriate language for all areas and age groups. The pedagogic strategies make use of best practices from storytelling, radio, film, environmental studies, anthropology, geography, philosophy, and conflict mediation.

Public and private organizations
Recording and preserving institutional histories for internal and external publics, clarifying goals, and reinforcing organizational culture. Qualifying staff to conduct and record interviews and to analyze and select heritage materials for a living archive.

Individuals and families
The construction of personal narratives gives new meaning to individuals and families. We guide our students to organize their materials, analyze their stories, and edit their texts for a discerning readership, viewership, or listenership. We produce books, film, and audio documentaries.

Beginning producers
Story-driven training in making podcasts. Based in local culture on Brazilian cronicas, the observational personal essay. Special guest lecturers.