A small open air festival on the Praia da Urca, for neighbors and their guests where films are projected onto the Old Cassino. Audience is seated on the sand in chairs provided by Bigode.

An Urca Institute program with the collaboration of IED, Barraca do Bigode, and the mayor’s office.

“A TRAVESSIA” (2015, 26 MIN)

The film documents the story of four Cariocas who overcome adversity and embark on an extraordinary journey. A Travessia (2015, 26 min) follows their daily lives, as well as the events that brought them together for their journey. While the four are all unique, each of them has a disability that has labeled them as deficient in Rio de Janeiro, a metropolis often challenging for their needs. The four rowers work to overcome their labels and come together as a team, offering each other strength and support along the way.

Watch the film: https://vimeo.com/133107151

Vernissage A travessia at CineUrca, 2015