Twenty years after the end of the war in former Yugoslavia. This film captures stories of the people whose lives changed overnight. (password: malomalo2013).

Stolica (a single word for ‘chair’ in Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian). A film documentary that records the stories of women and men, old and young, who happened to live on different sides through the 1992-95 war in Yugoslavia. Built on the concept of conflict transformation, these life stories bear witness to the open wounds and the living puzzle of a divided country. The Dayton Agreement represented peace on paper, and twenty years after the war started, survivors are still struggling to be active citizens in their own country, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in order to build a more sustainable peace for future generations.


Athens International Film + Video Festival in Ohio, USA, April 11-17, 2014.
International Peace Festival 2014 in Sarajevo, June 8, 2014.