Rio de Janeiro, September 2017

Our mission at the Urca Institute is to discover individual and collective strengths through recorded memories and storytelling to form multiplicators in causes for the commons.

We are established juridically, without economic or religious bias, as a not-for-profit this year in Rio de Janeiro. However, our directors and partners have a history of significant activities with the cause, including in Urca. During our strategic planning we became conscious that our first institutional endeavor – “Program Territories: Baia de Guanabara” – needed to be an environmental project to benefit the commons, beginning in Urca.

The program envisions a diagnostics of the territory based in human, social, and environmental testimony, with a mininal interview sampling of 400 people.

In order to identify this selection of people, we have noted a diversity of segments in the region: age, those benefiting from educational, environmental, health, social work policies, and those under the protection and guarantees of basic rights, representatives of the first, second, and third sectors, residents and workers.

Within this context we appreciate your representational relevance in the territory. We would consider it an honor to count on your participation and collaboration:

  • To indicate people within your organization who would like to partake in a brief, unpaid interview.
  • To indicate people in other organizations and segments who might participate as partners in the process.

We eagerly await an opportunity to speak with you in person.


Alexandra and Octavio

Urca Institute