Our team has 30 years international production experience in radio, TV, and publishing; organizational and project management; teaching and curriculum development. We have lived and worked in the United States, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, East Timor, Argentina, and Brazil. We both studied at Yale University. And now we reside in the Urca neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro by the Guanabara Bay, where the city was founded.

Our co-founders Alexandra Joy Forman & Octavio di Leo

Rodrigo Veloso, project director and communications director, is a human rights activist. He studied international relations and philosophy at IBMEC and Casa Rui Barbosa. He worked on the digital communication for Jean Wyllys’ congressional campaign. In 2018 and 2019 he organized the marijuana marches in Rio, in favor of liberation with reparations. He is currently the LGBT front coordinator in Rio de Janeiro state and occasional columnist for Internet portals, such as Free Journalists and the Diaries at the Center of the World, where he writes on themes related to social justice. Carioca from the suburbs, son of a Jewish father and a Catholic mother, he has two brothers, and teaches surfing classes on Sundays to teenagers in orphanages and foster care.

Juan Pablo Culasso Alonso, ambient sound man and designer, he is a specialist in bird song. Blind from birth, he teaches us to see 360 degrees. Uruguayan who lived in Brazil for 12 years, he was the winner of Super Cérebros, a NatGeo Latin-American program, where he won $45K identifying the sounds of 15 birds. He became known in 1994 for a Fundação Braille ad with his famous phrase: “Go, go, said the turtle . . .”

Cristiana Giustino, gerenciamento financeiro-administrativo para o Lei Rouanet, atua na fase de desenvolvimento de projetos–á desenvolveu e colaborou à realização de mais de 60 iniciativas culturais e institucionais no Brasil e no exterior–, também trabalha nas fases de produção (gerenciamento financeiro-administrativo e assistência à produção) e pós-produção (avaliações e relatórios). Para empresas patrocinadoras, oferece consultoria em utilização de leis de incentivo e formulação de editais de cultura..